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Everything I need.

This place seems to have everything I need when I go there, also the people will help you find what your looking for

James Barthol

Wonderful Experiences

I’ve had wonderful experiences in this store.
Employees are knowledgeable and helpful, and
I’ve had good luck finding just about everything I’ve wanted from this store.
Last year, they helped me with an item that was not purchased there, and I now have a functioning version of the item I needed. I’m so grateful.
Fun when you really need something specific and also fun to shop for things you didn’t realize you needed. We are so fortunate to have them here in our neighborhood!

Susie Heffelfinger

Great selection.

Great selection of window and door screen material. Be it 48 inch screens or bigger sized spline which I could not get at the orange place in town. Very helpful and competent staff too.

Robert Bartz

Old-timey Hardware Store

What’s not to love about Ace Hardware!!??
Locally owned old-timey hardware store, Ace is where you find things the big box stores just don’t carry – and there is always a healthy selection of quirky things you might not need but will enjoy checking out. Heck, often I find myself bringing home things I didn’t need at all!

Karen Cusolito

Carpet cleaner rentals.

This is a shout out to Troy who helped me tremendously with a carpet cleaner rental. I had a bunch of questions, and he answered them all patiently and kindly. It was a stressful day for me, but having such a well-informed and helpful staff member made it all seem better. Great!!

Beth Anne C.

Used it for decades!

This particular ACE hardware store is close to my workplace so have used it for decades now. Friendly staff, very well stocked, good sales, reasonable daily prices.

Cathy Robello

Resolves Issues!

Very nice people and extremely helpful. Had a problem with a special order from another store and they took the time to find out the issues and resolve them.

Lacey A.

Great customer service!

Knowledgeable, great customer service, excellent assortment in stock for its size. Retired machinist, Marc, saved me today. Thank you! Much better experience than the big box guys.

Jill H.

Dog Friendly

It has always been a great shopping experience at Ace Hardware store. Everybody is friendly, helpful,and always have a good attitude. They are also dog friendly.🐶🐕


Great store.

Great store. Local! I had a gal named Gaby help me. Not only was she extremely kind, she was also very knowledgeable. Got what I needed!

Fil Fil

What I wanted and then some!

Stopped by this nice Ace Hardware when I was in town, can’t complain, lots of friendly employees, and good selection, normal of an Ace and what they would have. They had what I wanted and then some, and even walked out with a few things I didn’t plan to buy hahaha.